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Archive for February 2016:

Pastel and Wraith Mynci

Pastel is okay. It's a nice pale blue and purple and the yellow eyes work well. Wraith looks a bit angular, which is a bit different than the average Wraith pet, but otherwise looks pretty typical.

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Tyrannian and Dimensional Tonu

The Tyrannian Tonu is okay. I like that they gave it a wilder mane and tail and the nails could certainly use some loving care. The different base colour and horn are okay too. I do wish they could have maybe given it clothes or something, but it's not too bad and is something unexpected.

The Dimensional Tonu is pretty par for the course with that colour. The inner lighting is a bit dimmer than usual, but it's otherwise okay.

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Maractite and Maraquan Chia

Maractite sort of looks more like some form of living code. I think they overdid it a bit with the various markings and underdid the fact it's supposed to be a type of metal.

For Maraquan, it looks like they went with the sea anemone look, which I think fits the chia very well. They're really the only pet that tends to have an affinity towards plants (even though sea anemones are technically animals). In any case, I think the look suits them, though I wish the polyps were just a bit bigger. They look very undersized for that body.

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8-bit and Woodland Lenny

8-bit is pretty nice overall. I like the pink sweater on it. I do think TNT would have done themselves a favour if they had called it the "Pixel Paint Brush" instead, since sometimes the graphics are a bit more complicated than 8-bit.

Woodland is nicely different. It looks as though they went with a palm tree this time around, tough the head sort of looks like a pineapple. It also might have been better had they made the legs a slightly different colour.

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Transparent and Swamp Gas Zafara

Both of the Zafara look really cute. The Transparent is very nice. Everything aligns nicely anatomically and there's a lot of wonderful details. Swamp Gas looks about par for course, though the radiating gas doesn't seem too thick.

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Elderly Kacheek

Both of the Elderly Kacheek look really nice. The Elderlyboy is baldish, but has a neat new way for holding his cane rather than in the random fist-of-doom style usually seen. The Elderlygirl is quite cute, though her cheeks might be just a bit [i]too[/i] fuzzy. They also have very nice clothing!

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