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Archive for September 2016:

Polka Dot and Water Skeith

Polka dot is actually pretty nice. It fits in with the other pets of that colour and, unlike the poor Shoyru, its wings and tail actually match its body! It would make for one grumpy clown, though.

Water is also very nice. I like how they took the time to make the deeper swirls in the belly and the darker area that shows the arm through the body. The artist also did a nice job with the ears, tail tips, and wings.

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Biscuit and Relic Poogle

Biscuit is pretty nice. At least it looks like it's made of cookie and not sand, which can be a problem for this colour. I'm not sure about the stripes. On the one hand I can understand wanting to make them blend in a bit. On the other, they sort of look more like slightly mouldy areas.

I like that the person who made Relic took the time to give it some nice cracking and missing bits in logical places. Much like with Biscuit the stripes are a bit light. A bit darker could have helped them stand out more.

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Chocolate Vandagyre

The artist really went all-out with the Chocolate Vandagyre in a good way. It has great drizzling effects, a cute whip cream and double cherry topping, nice waffle cone tail, and even cute candy corn talons and beak. They tinted the edges of the candy corn blue for some reason. It's a little bit odd for the claws, but it's understandable for the beak (since white might not stand out against the cream).

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Clay and Swamp Gas Draik (late)

My apologies for missing these two. I thought I had already posted the review.

Clay fits in more or less with other Clay pets - at least, the one in the news does. The one at the Rainbow Pool is mysteriously missing its wings and seems to have a case of red Draik hair. I'm hoping they'll fix it, but given the Polkadot Shoryu still has the odd green wings and tail, I'm not sure.

When I first saw Swamp Gas I thought some form of seaweed was somehow covering it. The 'aura' seems a bit thicker than usual, but there have been other cases where such things have happened. In any case, it fits in with the other Swamp Gas pets.

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Dimensional and Zombie Techo

Dimensional is a bit brightly coloured but otherwise looks really nice. The lighter spots on it almost look like galaxies, which is pretty cool. The ones on the face where the spots ought to be seem to be a bit out of place, though.

Zombie is also very nice. They made very clever use of the stitches for the spots. The clothes are also very nice and could easily be reused for any other Techo that would have its good clothes torn to bits for some reason.

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