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Archive for October 2016:

Elderly Korbat

The Elderly Boy is pretty nice. I like how they added a few holes in his wings as well as a couple missing chunks from his ears. he eyebrows, mustache, and hair are all cute, and I like his attire overall. The only part that is confusing is the item he's holding in his hand. It's presumably a cane of some sort, but it almost looks more like a magic wand or microphone.

The Elderly Girl is also very nice. Her clothing is very cute and I particularly like that they made her wings and ears different than the male's. She looks almost like she could be someone's elderly teacher, particularly for younger grades. At first her fangs seem to be protruding more than the Elderly Boy's, but on closer inspection I think that it's just because most of his are hidden by the mustache.

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Clay and Sponge Jetsam

Clay is a bit underwhelming, though it is pretty par for the course when it comes to the Clay colour overall. It does make nice use of different shades.

Sponge is pretty nice overall. The blue is very nice and the holes are pretty well done overall.

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Biscuit and Polkadot Bori

Biscuit doesn't have many chips, but they work well where they're placed and the chocolate claws and tail are a cute idea. The darker coloured areas look nice too, and it has a good texture overall.

Polkadot is quite adorable. I do wish that they had coloured the inside of the ears pink and that they had gone for heterochromatic eyes. The main issue for me are the green dot on the 'hair' and the blue dot on the centre chest fur look a bit odd and don't conform with the fur.

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Custard and Pastel Eyrie

Custard is appropriately drippy, but there's something about the mane and tail tip that makes them look more like melted wax than custard.

Pastel is okay, though I really wish they had made the beak a different colour than the rest of the body.

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Ice and Woodland Grarrl

Ice is pretty okay. It looks shiny and is properly icy in colour. It even has some marks on it that I think are supposed to represent where it's more angular, but it's really not all that angular, which is a shame since this could have been very wicked-looking, especially with sharper toes.

Woodland is also okay. It has a nice grain pattern and an interesting hole in its leg. The branches on the tail and head are okay, but they almost look like an afterthought.

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