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Archive for December 2016:

Christmas Jetsam

The artist did a really great job on this colour overall. The bow tie fits in very well with the base red and the golden star bell on the hat is a cute touch. The candy cane tail, white belly, and pinkish highlights also work well for the overall Christmasy feel.

On a side note, all current Neopet species may now be coloured in Christmas.

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Polka Dot and Dimensional Wocky

Polka Dot looks pretty cute. I like that the the tail and ruff have a good highlight to them and match in colour.

Dimensional is also pretty nice. It's fairly par for the course for that colour, but the swirls within it are nicely noticeable without being overwhelming.

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Pastel and Biscuit Bruce

Pastel is very pretty overall. The person who made it had a nice sense of colour coordination. I might have made the bow yellow instead of green to help it 'pop', but it's not bad.

Biscuit looks almost good enough to eat - which is a good thing from an art perspective but a bad thing for the poor Bruce if someone gets too hungry! The use of chocolate for the beak and bow tie was nicely thought out, as was the use of darker and lighter shades for the feet and belly.

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Strawberry and Zombie Xweetok

Strawberry looks very lovely. The artist really did a great job with colours, and I especially like the two darker regions on its head thatt obviously extend along its back and neatly go into the darker green regions on the tail. The use of leaves here is very nice. They work with the pet as a whole.

Zombie is also very nicely done. The eyes are facing in opposite directions, but I suppose that's only to be expected from a pet that's newly risen from the grave. The colours are nice and the stitching is interesting.

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