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Archive for March 2017:

Snot and Polka Dot Chomby

Snot is not one of my favourite colours and while the Snot Chomby does what it's supposed to, I can't help but wonder why they left them off Snot when they included them on Custard.

Polka Dot looks nice, but oddly paler than most versions of this colour. I think it's due to a combination of the eyes, plates, and smaller dots.

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Dimensional and Zombie Scorchio

Dimensional is nicely glowy and has just the right amount of interesting differences in shading. There might be a bit too much on the left eye in terms of glowing lines, but I'm not sure what else could have been done.

Zombie has a lot of nice details going on. The scarring is very interesting, though I'm not quite sure what to make of the area around the nostrils. The blank eyes are appropriately creepy.

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Maractite and Woodland Gelert

Maractite is looking really nice. I love all the different paterns and details they put on its body. It's not quite as shiny as some other Maractite pets, but that's okay.

Woodland is also nicely done. I appreciate them putting the leaves only on the ears and tails. Because of the positions )and general swishiness), it almost looks as though its ears and tails are being blown by the wind.

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Elderly Uni

The Elderly Boy is looking okay, but I don't get the patched-up clothes. The Elderly Girl looks really nice in her clothes, almost like an older hippie.

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