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Archive for June 2017:

Stealthy and Transparent Acara

Stealthy looks pretty nice. I'll admit I never quite got what the extra spiky stuff has to do with the colour other than, maybe, hinting at ninja things or extra cool points, but it does look nice.

Transparent is very nice. Someone did a really great job with anatomy!

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Ice and Eventide Kau

Ice has a good amount of blockiness to it - not too much but not too little either. It has semi-translucence in places which really add to its appeal.

eventide is also very well done. I especially like the stars on the head and horns which has some larger ones almost as if they're part of a constellation. I like that the bell continues the colour scheme. I'm less sure about the hooves. Somehow the yellow doesn't quite work there for me.

It's interesting to see that both have bells, which is not always the case with Kaus.

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Biscuit and Candy Nimmo

Apparently they haven't been feeding the artists again.

The Biscuit Nimmo looks very nice. I love the use of chocolate as warts. The darker bits work very nicely as well.

The Candy Nimmo also looks very tasty! I love the bits of shine on the body and the stripes are very well-done!

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Elderly Quiggle

There's something off about the Elderly Quiggle Boy. I can't see it and not think it's a female in a jogging suit. I mean, the whole looks good, but I wish I knew why I think it's female.

The Elderly Girl is cute. I think the swirls are an interesting touch, though I'm not sure what they're supposed to represent or why the boy doesn't have them too.

Overall I think these are both nice and work very well. Other thoughts and opinions can be made here.

Polka Dot and Pastel Jubjub

Polka Dot is very cute, but I'm not thrilled over the orange eyebrows and feet. They certainly stand out and add a bit more colour, but somehow they also don't quite fit in for me. Maybe if they had been a bit more faded...

Pastel is very nice. I like the faded colours on eyes and feet. I also like that the eyes and eyebrows are similarly coloured (rather than another case of orange eyebrow).

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