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Archive for July 2017:

Elderly Peophin

The hat on the Elderly Boy looks unusually large and I'm not sure about the glasses on the Elderly Girl but overall the two of them look very nice. I like that they added a beard to the Elderly Boy (even if it initially looks like a goatee and long sideburns). The bun on the Elderly Girl is a nice touch evven if it's a bit hidden by the umbrella.

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Custard and Candy Kiko

I'm not a fan of Custard to star with, but this one has to take the cake. The hands look like they have gloves on and, despite a couple dribbles over them do not look much like they're made of custard at all. The band aid does not help matters.

When I first saw Candy, I thought it was Dimensional. I'm still not sure what to make out of it. I mean, it's nice and glittery but I'm having a hard time figuring out what type of candy it's supposed to be - other than it's grape flavoured.

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Biscuit and Eventide Tuskaninny

Biscuit is pretty boring. No chips (except, maybe, the nose), barely any colour change. I mean, the transition around the muzzle is nice and the darker hair is okay, but without chips it looks like it's made out of some kind of sand.

Eventide is similarly not exciting. They put the stars on the head and tried to make the nose stand out, but it's really nothing spectacular.

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Marble and Pastel Ixi

Marble looks very nice. The spotted pattern and translucence is good. I like that they kept the pattern for the collar.

Pastel is gorgeous. I think I may even get an Ixi to make it that colour. The use of cream on lavender is great and the blues fit in perfectly!

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Ice and Dimensional Flotsam

Ice looks very interesting. The form has lots of neat angles within it that show off light and shade just like one might expect from ice without having a blocky exterior.

Glowing is pretty nice overall. It does what's expected and has an interesting colour.

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